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As part of the rapidly evolving offshore wind turbine and decommissioning industry, our products have been involved in multiple pioneering lifting, mooring and recovery projects worldwide, working along side clients to adapt and overcome the daily challenges of this cutting-edge sector.

Look at our diverse portfolio of projects to see how we have transformed challenges into opportunities and consistently pushed the boundaries of offshore engineering.

Wind Turbine, JDN, Offshore floating wind project, LiftLOK lifting connector quick connect

Quick connect / release tool for heavy lift vessel crane in the Hollandse Kust Zuid (HKZ) 1-4 Wind Farm. For use with impact hammer and pile upending tool…


The removal and transportation under load of a subsea jacket would require the largest and highest load bearing ball and taper tool ever produced…


New lightweight design built to cope with the largest mooring load in history…

LiftLOK, ballgrab, ball and groove, 2500 mT, high load, Quick release disconnect, remote connector, interface, orthographic view

2500 mT WLL ball & groove Quick Connect- release Tool (QCT) connector designed to provide a rapid connection between a 2500 mT shackle and pre-piling template.

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