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Jacket Decommission

3000 mT Internal Lifting Tool


April, 2021






3000 mT ILT

Connector No.



Oil platform jacket



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\\        Project Profile

Worldwide Decommission

We were asked to provide four connectors to aid in the worldwide recovery of decommissioned oil platform jackets to the Allseas Pioneering Spirit.

The connector would need to be able to cope with a load of 3000 mT and interface with both a trunnion or pad eye with a sling/grommet or 3000 mT shackle.

The connector had to be flexible enough to interface with the various sizes of the infrastructure and lift configuration requirements.

The connector would be under the jacket load for several days as the jacket was transported onshore.

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Design and specifications


4 x Internal Lifting Tools (ILT)

Lifting capacity

3000 mT

Components to be lifted

Decommissioned oil platform jackets

Special features

Remotely control for full operation

Multiple interfaces

Camera control system

Long under load time

Rapid size adaption


This connector would be both the largest and highest load bearing ball and taper tool ever produced and would provide a massive 12 000 mT combined working load.

A bold decision was made that one connector could be manufactured to be adapted to all the configurations and sizes required.

Due to the requirement for the tool to be used at height and in areas of access difficulty, the tool was designed to both be wirelessly remote controlled or, if used subsea, via an ROV and umbilical cord.

A fully integrated camera meant efficient alignment and insertion.


In the manufacture of the ILT, the forgings produced were the largest we have ever used in a subsea connector.

With a broad range of capability and redundancy, a multi-disciplined team was required with knowledge in the production and operation of hydraulic, mechanical, and electrical components.

The FAT was again unique because of the extraordinarily high loads required. Balltec chose to upgrade its facilities to accommodate and control testing in-house. A 100 mT crane was installed and the connector tested in a custom 4000 mT test rig.


The wireless remote-control unit allows quick and safe installation of the ILT. The flexibility of the tool meant that the tool could be adapted onboard within a 12-hour shift.

Current location

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The ILT is currently in continuous operation all around the world with the Pioneering Spirit consistently recording record years for decommissioning rig jackets.

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