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We're always here for you

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

We understand that in a global industry that never sleeps for a second our clients need the reassurance that worldwide support can be called upon anytime of the day or night.

When we say we offer round the clock help and coverage, we really mean it.

Our support package gives you worldwide access to a round-the-clock dedicated pool of experienced, highly trained, project-dedicated engineers, technicians and support staff.

Balltec Pig Launcher, two technicians, inspection, onboard vessel

We back ourselves to back you

A dedicated, highly experienced and responsive workforce



When we support your project with engineers and technicians, you can depend upon in-house, highly-motivated, product-experienced members of staff. 

Career with Offshore Engineers onboard vessel with RigLOK Subsea Mooring Connector


We value our workforce and have been rewarded by time-served, dedicated personnel with an unrivalled knowledge and experience of the offshore-handling sector.

Balltec technician briefing vessel technicians on LiftLOK tool


Our technicians and engineers are cleared to work all over the world and can be immediately deployed anywhere on the globe with short notice.

Balltec technician briefing vessel technicians on LiftLOK tool


Worldwide support that doesn't end at delivery

We are confident that our products and services are the best in the field, and we want you to be confident in this as well.

When we ship our products, delivery is only the start of the process. We provide the documentation, engineers and technicians to deliver one-to-one training on all our products until you are happy that we have integrated perfectly with your project expectations and needs.

Unrivalled knowledge

Don't be left in the deep end

Working offshore means doesn’t mean being thrown in at the deep end.

Our engineers and technicians are involved with our products through the whole process; from conception, through design, during assembly, as part of testing, and then during the final offshore operation

So you can be assured that the knowledge we give you access to will be the best in the industry.

"Our dedicated 24/7, 365 day a week support across the business is what sets us apart from the competition ...."

Balltec employee explaining something to another employee in the workshop

Our people

Support led by example

The talent and commitment of our employees, who had a vision for a better future powered by renewable energy, has been the driving force behind our company’s growth and success. 

Their unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has earned Balltec the trust and respect of our clients, who appreciate the exceptional level of service and support they receive.

JJackson Offshore 003
Jonathan Jackson

Jon has over 17 years' offshore engineering experience, working closely with clients to provide innovative solutions for large offshore projects.

As the Engineering Manager, he oversaw numerous world firsts in the subsea mooring, lifting and offshore wind industries and now, as the Engineering Director, leads Balltec’s R&D and Business Development departments.

JStaveley Offshore 003
James Staveley

As one of the original members of Balltec, James's offshore expertise and knowledge spans over 25 years.


James has led the workshop and offshore team as Offshore Manager since 2018. Having been constantly working at the frontline of operations, he has been responsible for many of our equipment's innovative design and functionality improvements, as well as a driving force behind our high level of training and standards.

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We have an enviable blend of experience and youth with high staff retention of personnel that have come through apprenticeship and graduation programmes.

Would you like to be part of a team in a dynamic and challenging work environment that values innovation, teamwork, and excellence?

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