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\\        Engineered Solutions

Subsea mooring
The highest rated and most reliable mooring connectors in the world.
Heavy lift
Bespoke, quick connect, remote, light, compact, huge 5000 mT SWL …
Deepsea recovery
High-integrity mechanical connectors for critical applications
Subsea Umbilical, Risers & Flowlines
Diverless bend stiffener connectors, riser hang-off tools, and pull-in heads.
Coiled Tubing
Tried and tested coiled tubing handling tools for tough environments.
MoorLOK Subsea Mooring Connector
LiftLOK Quick Connecting Connector
PipeLOK Pipeline Recovery Tool
BendLOK Diverless Bend Stiffener
CoilLOK Coiled Tubing Handling Tool


The highest rated and most reliable mooring connectors in the world


Bespoke, quick connect, remote, light, compact, huge 5000 mT SWL …


High-integrity mechanical connectors for critical applications


Diverless bend stiffener connectors, riser hang-off tools, and pull-in heads

Coiled Tubing

Tried and tested coiled tubing handling tools for tough environments

Subsea Mooring Connector Solution on Offshore Buoy

\\        Mooring solutions

Compact, high-load subsea mooring connectors

With a failure-free track record and over 300 installations, Balltec’s subsea mooring connectors are unrivalled in their quality and are trusted by the industry’s leading operators and installation contractors.

Intervention-free connection and rapid disconnection throughout the full design life ensures that initial operational expenditure and future maintenance, replacement and decommissioning costs are significantly reduced.


MoorLOK Subsea Mooring Connector

A failure-free track record coupled with the world’s largest approved forging diameter for subsea mooring connectors ensures that the MoorLOK remains the industry-leading quick-connect moorings system.

The MoorLOK is customisable to suit project-specific interfaces and installation methodologies and has been approved for use in ABS, DNV and BV certified mooring spreads.

Instant connect and disconnect

No protrusions

All possible sizes

Customization options

High load capacity

Custom interface and accessories

Helical Connector™

Helical Subsea Mooring Connector

The patented Helical Connector is a self-aligning subsea mooring connector designed for use in H-link-type mooring systems where ease of installation is a necessity.

Its helically profiled nose auto-aligns the mooring pin and pin hole to drastically reduce the time taken to connect the mating components and de-risk ROV operations during installation.

Simple ROV interface

Automatic alignment

All possible sizes

Customization options

High load capacity

Custom interface and accessories


RigLOK Subsea Mooring Connector

Designed for temporary mooring systems in harsh-weather environments, the RigLOK utilises release under load functionality and rapid acoustic activation to allow floating units to operate closer to weather threats and maximise time on station.

With a standard DNV type-approved design as well as custom connector options available, the RigLOK can be suited to any project-specific requirements.

Release under load

Acoustic operation

All possible sizes

Customization options

High load capacity

Custom interface and accessories

\\        Lifting solutions

Innovative lifting and handling systems for complex engineering projects

We have provided lifting solutions across multiple engineering disciplines and industries.

Balltec lifting solutions are engineered to minimise human intervention in safety critical operations, eradicating the need for manual handling, working at height and diver intervention.

Lifting Solutions have been used for: single and multi-point lifts, turret and buoy lifting, engineered lifts, suction pile installation, subsea equipment deployment, marine operations and renewable energy construction projects.

Wind Turbine Monopile Lifting Quick Connect LiftLOK Solution


LiftLOK Remote Control Quick Connect Lifting Connector

Compact size, ultra-high load capacities and an extensive track record make the LiftLOK™ range of quick-connect lifting tools the ideal solution for offshore lifting operations.

Customization options such as fully remote operation and project-led interface solutions allow human intervention in rigging operations to be dramatically reduced, lowering the risk, improving safety and increasing vessel efficiency.

No SWL limit


Subsea operation

Any interface

High load capacity

Custom interface and accessories

Custom Lifting Solutions

LiftLOK Quick Connecting Connector

We have provided bespoke lifting tools for the most challenging operations in the world.

Our tools provide a simple, robust, high capacity method for connecting and disconnecting heavy loads to and from lifting devices. 

As a purely mechanical device, and requiring minimum ROV intervention, LiftLOKproducts are ideally suited for the deployment and retrieval of equipment to and from the ocean floor.

Completely bespoke

Short lead time

High re-useability

Light and compact

Cannot be released under load

Mechanical or hydraulic release

Pipeline Recovery PipeLOK Connector Subsea Offshore Solution

\\        Pipeline recovery solutions

A world leader in pipeline solutions spanning the full life of field

Balltec Engineered Solutions has an unrivalled track record of pipeline solutions including the development of tooling and systems in pipeline recovery, pipe lay, infrastructure upgrades, IRM, emergency repair and decommissioning.

Through the development of pipeline solutions, Balltec has amassed an extensive fleet of equipment readily available for rapid deployment, including; pipeline A&R, plugging and abandonment equipment, cutting, pigging and dewatering operations, on-deck handling equipment, handling of flexible pipe, riser operations and emergency pipeline repairs.


PipeLOK Pipeline Recovery Tool

A bespoke, high integrity pipeline
abandonment and recovery tool
for harsh environments, the next generation large ball design provides greater re-usability over a broad range of internal pipe diameters.

The PipeLOK also makes up the largest pipeline abandonment and recovery rental fleet in the

The highest rated internal pipeline lifting tool ever produced, the PipeLOK is lighter and more compact than all comparable products and its robust construction is designed for multiple lifts and multiple recoveries.

Any diameter of pipe or pile

Any wall thickness

Limited only by pipe capacity

No depth limitation

Dewatering and PIG capture facility

Simple connect/disconnect

PIG & Plug Launcher

Plug Launcher Pipeline Recovery Tool

The PIG & Plug Launcher is the world’s first diverless and flangeless subsea PIG Launcher.

The PIG launch system can work
independently or in conjunction with our PipeLOK™ pipeline recovery tools to enable pipelines to be lifted from the sea bed in a dewatered state.

The PIG & Plug Launcher can grip and seal onto a cut end of a pipe meaning the PIG can be launched without the need for any additional fixtures to be added onto the pipe.

Any diameter of pipe

Any pressure

Diver-less operation

Default locked state

Simple, quick disconnect

Launch with sea water or nitrogen

\\        Subsea Umbilicals, Risers & Flowlines

Unrivalled robust, but flexible, subsea mooring connector

Through the development of our SURF solutions, we have gained a comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced in the SURF market.

From initial extensive R&D activity we have designed, developed, tested and deployed a range of tools for multiple SURF applications including diverless bend stiffener connectors, riser hang-off tools and pull-in heads.

Subsea Umbilicals, Risers & Flowlines Decommissioning Decom Platform


BendLOK Diverless Bend Stiffener

A secure, robust, permanent mechanical connection between the Bend Stiffener and the I-Tube or J-Tube, the BendLOK™ allows a fully automatic connection and disconnection without the need for divers or ROV intervention.

The male BendLOK has an adaptable, flexible design to interface with various
risers, umbilicals and end terminations.

Flexible design interface

No riser clamps

No hydraulics

Automatic riser release

No shear or tension pins

Simple, maintenance free interface

Flexible Riser Recovery Tool

Subsea Offshore Flexible Abandonment and Recovery Tool Solution

The Flexible Riser Recovery Tool (FRRT) is designed to recover flexible risers and pipelines in a cost-effective manner, and to reduce the long-term environmental impact of subsea infrastructure being left in place on the seabed.

The FRRT is designed to enable long sections of cut risers to be recovered from the seabed without the need for an end fitting / pulling head.

Easily modified

ROV operable

End fitting / pulling head not required

Adaptable to riser diameter

High load capacity

Custom interface and accessories

CoilLOK Coiled Handling Tool Coil Spool

\\        CT Handling solutions

Perfected over decades

One of the first applications for ball and taper technology was the introduction of the CoilLOK™ coiled tubing (CT) handling tool.

Following the success of the CoilLOK™ where the high load and compact design is proven, Balltec has developed several further solutions for oilfield application.

Some of the recent Balltec oilfield solutions include; down-hole fishing tools, Quick Emergency Disconnect (QED) for Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA), emergency subsea casing string hang-off, drill pipe slips and drill string handling tools.


CoilLOK Coiled Tubing Handling Tool

The CoilLOK™ is specifically designed to aid in the handling of coiled tubing.

Available in sizes ranging from 1” – 3.5” and has been engineered to gain the maximum SWL whilst remaining compact enough for use through injector heads.

Instant connect and disconnect

No protrusions

All possible sizes

Customization options

High load capacity

Custom interface and accessories

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