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LiftLOK, 2500 mT, Quick Connect Lifting Tool (QCT)


LiftLOK, 2500 mT, Quick Connect Lifting Tool (QCT)

A custom designed LiftLOK 2500 mT WLL, ball & groove connector, the LiftLOK-2500-QCT is designed to provide a rapid connection between a 2500 mT shackle and bespoke interface.

LiftLOK, ballgrab, ball and groove, 2500 mT, high load, Quick connect and disconnect tool, remote connector


5350 kg


2500 mT dynamic load


2500 mT WLL GN H14 Wide Body Shackle


Full hydraulic and data redundancy


LVDT monitoring system and nose camera


Hydraulic and data umbilical

LiftLOK, ballgrab, ball and groove, 2500 mT, high load, Quick release disconnect, remote connector, interface, key components
tension relief
ROV grab bar
data connection
ROV interface
HS interface
load balls

The LiftLOK-2500-QCT is a Quick Connection Lifting Tool (QCT) that provides an easy to use and safer alternative to traditional shackle methods.

The LiftLOK-2500-QCT can be remotely guided into the receptacle using the nose-mounted camera and the connection status verified using the linear transducer monitoring system. This information is then transmitted, latency free, to the vessel control room.

Using the ‘ball & groove’ method the tool mechanically locks to the receptacle.

The LiftLOK-2500-QCT can then be remotely disconnected again. In case of issues with with vessel equipment, the tool can also be hydraulically disconnected via the ROV interface.

Male connector

Receptacle interface

2500 mT WLL GN H14 Wide Body Shackle

Latest Project Application

CSBC-DEME Hai Long Offshore Wind Farm

A client requested a custom designed LiftLOK, 2500 mT Quick Connection Lifting Tool (QCT) which could interface between a 2500 mT WLL shackle and a pre-piling template fitted with metrology and hydraulic systems.

The pre-piling template is be used to guide the installation of pin piles for jacket foundations using CAPE’s VLT-640 Single pile driver.

The LiftLOK was chosen by the client because of its safer rapid remote controlled operation that could save potentially hundreds of hours compared to a regular shackle.


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