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LiftLOK, 500mT, Internal Lifting Tool (ILT)


LiftLOK, 500mT, Internal Lifting Tool (ILT)

With its unique, high-range adjustable diameter, this remotely controlled, highly adaptable tool from our LiftLOK range has saved clients hundreds of hours and reduced working at height in decommissioning projects.

LiftLOK, Internal Lifting Tool (ILT), ballgrab, ball and taper, 500 mT, high load, Quick release disconnect, remote connector, 3D


Between 3000 and 11 000 kg depending on configuration


500 mT


Adjustable between 36" and 69" (914 mm and 1753 mm)


Custom padeye to shackle​


Dedicated hydraulic ROV and mechanical in-air overrides

LiftLOK, Internal Lifting Tool (ILT), ballgrab, ball and taper, 500 mT, high load, Quick release disconnect, remote connector, shackle, 3D2
mechanical contingency
ROV hydraulic contingency
36 to 69" adjustable configuration
load balls

The LiftLOK-500-ILT provides an easy to use and safer alternative to traditional shackle connections.

It’s reconfigurable design allows on-deck adjustment between lifts, currently with a range of between 36″ and 69″ (914 mm and 1753 mm).

Using the ‘ball and taper’ method, the tool mechanically locks into place with the load spread internally across the receptacle structure.

The LiftLOK-500-ILT can then recover the structure and remotely disconnect on deck. 

In case of issues with vessel equipment, the LiftLOK-500-ILT benefits from a fully integrated redundant operating system. This can be both ROV hydraulically and in-air mechanically controlled.

Drawing board


Jacket interface

Configuration GA

Week PO to delivery time
No. of tools
0 +
Size configurations across tools
0 +
Total lifts
0 +
Technicians required for full 24 hour operation

Latest Project Application

Sapura Energy Wellhead Platform Jacket Removal

Sapura Energy (Thailand), on behalf of Chevron, required a set of five tools engineered to act as the main connection point in the lifting of 60 decommissioned jackets on the Wellhead platform removal campaign in the Gulf of Thailand.

The core LiftLOK design allowed the LiftLOK-500-ILT to be quickly designed, manufactured, and tested to incorporate the multiple size configuration adaptions required.

Highly corroded jacket leg interfaces, and jacket leg batter angles of up to 10 degrees, provided further engineering challenges.

The tool operates in uniquely tough conditions, safely lifting structures in a highly corrosive environment with very little downtime for configuration changes. 

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