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Working with us; Intern Jack Clark’s first month

Jack Clark joined us as an intern this year.

After his first month, we caught up with him to see how he was getting on and how he was finding working with us…

Intern Jack Clark stood outside next to a Balltec lifting tool

How are you, Jack?

I’m well, thanks, why?

No need to be suspicious, just a quick interview that will be available on social media for all of time. How has your week been?

I’ve been busy; it’s very fast-paced with plenty going on!

Good! That’s how we like it. How have you arrived at Balltec?

I am currently midway into my Mechanical Engineering degree at Lancaster University. I met Adam (Jackson, Engineering Manager) on your stand at one of our university career events and he suggested I come in for a chat and have a look at what you do.

How is the work experience and is the company lining up with your expectations?

Great and no! I thought I might just be given some calculation work, but I’ve been given responsibility for a whole live engineering project related to the company’s huge fleet of PipeLOK tools.

What part of the placement are you excited about?

I’ve been given responsibility to research and develop a solution to improve the efficiency of the transport and storage of one of the company’s biggest selling products. The scope is huge.

Is there anything you are nervous or worried about?

The solutions I have been asked to develop involve very high loads, so accurate calculations are critical, especially from a safety point of view. Everything is checked though and anything I’m unsure of I get help with, which is reassuring!

That’s good to hear. Has anything surprised you so far?

Previous placements in other companies have had me sat in a corner working on calculations, but here I’ve been placed in the R&D department and been handed an actual working project that could genuinely help and improve the efficiency of company operations.


The fact that I’ve been left to both work and develop on my own but also been given the support and help that I need or have asked for.

Best day?

I’ve genuinely enjoyed every day here! Each day has been different with new challenges.

Worst day?

It’s honestly all been good. I’ve been too busy to worry about anything really!

Good stuff. Who on the team has been the most helpful?

Well Ben (Fitzpatrick, Design Engineer) has been overseeing and helping with everything I have been doing. Oh, and of course Danny …

Yes, I can see him listening in over there as well. Is there an area of the company you would like to learn more about?

All of it! I’d like to get an understanding of how everything runs, and how the departments integrate. Time probably the biggest factor here though…

What do you enjoy when you're not working?

I’ve always had Engineering in my heart! I enjoy restoring 1900’s industrial machinery and, at the moment, I’m restoring a Series III lightweight Land Rover.

Wow! If we ever move into weaving looms, we’ll consult you first. Cheers Jack.

No problem.

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