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Borkum Riffground 3 & Gode Wind 3 OWF

2000 mT LiftLOK Quick Connector


June, 2023


Jan De Nul n.v.

Sector & Solution

Offshore Wind
2000mT LiftLOK

Planned Installation

262 installations

Energy produced

900 & 253 MW


1.15 million households


North-west of Norderney in the German sector of the North Sea

Global Map Vineyard Wind Location 2000 mT Quick Connector LiftLOK Lifting Tool

\\        Project Profile

Borkum Riffground 3 & Gode Wind 3 OWF

The Borkum Riffgrund 3 & Gode Wind 3 projects are the largest offshore wind farms in Germany consisting of 83 and 23 lots of wind turbines, respectively.

Balltec will provide two 2000 mT LiftLOK Quick Connector tools, and 13 receptacles, to handle multiple wind turbine generator components for this project.

Vineyard Wind 1 is the USA’s pioneering vision for being at the forefront of the renewable energy drive. As the nation’s first commercial-scale offshore wind project, the work carries a lot of prestige and it is vital that the installation is performed with the most reliable and efficient equipment available.

DEME wanted equipment with a track record that was flexible and adaptable equipment and easy and safe to operate, maintain and transport. This made Balltec’s LiftLOK system an ideal fit.

\\        The story so far...

Design and specifications


2 x LiftLOK Quick Connectors

Lifting capacity

2000 mT

Components to be lifted

T1/2 & T3 Tower sections


Triple blade rack

Special features

Remotely control for full operation

Dynamic movement compensation

Omnidirectional connection in dynamic environment

Camera control system


The LiftLOK Quick Connector tool is required to lift several wind turbine generator components, with different weights and handling properties, while operating in a dynamic environment.

The tool connects to a universal connection point via the Balltec manufactured receptacle.

Control for the full operation is via a custom made remote control unit.


As is Balltec standard, upon the connector arrival in Massachusetts, a full training package will be delivered to the 26 personnel involved in the lifting operation.

The Operation & Maintenance Manual will be handed to the user who is then trained in the operation and handling of the connector by one of our Engineers.


The Quick Connector Tool will be used to remotely lift several WTG components with different weights during load out from the quay onto a barge, then from a floating barge to the Jack-Up Vessel Sea Installer, and afterwards to installation on the 62 foundation locations.


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