SURF Solutions for oil, gas & renewable projects worldwide

Through the development of SURF solutions Balltec has gained a comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced in the SURF market. Balltec is applying its expertise to provide a range of innovative products for offshore oil, gas and renewable energy development. Through extensive R&D activity Balltec has designed, developed and tested a range of tools for multiple SURF applications including diverless bend stiffener connectors, riser hang-off tools and pull-in heads.


The BendLOK™ offers a secure and robust permanent mechanical connection between the bend stiffener and the vessel’s I-Tube or J-Tube. Built on Balltec’s subsea mechanical mooring equipment, the BendLOK™ adaptable design is inherently flexible

Flexible Riser Recovery Tool

The Flexible Riser Recovery Tool is designed to recover flexible risers and pipelines in a cost-effective manner, and to reduce the long-term environmental impact of subsea infrastructure being left in place on the seabed...

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