Pipeline Solutions

Pipeline solutions for oil, gas & renewable projects worldwide

Pipeline Solutions

Balltec is a leading provider of pipeline solutions spanning the full life of field. Balltec has an unrivalled track record of pipeline solutions including the development of tooling and systems in pipeline recovery, pipe lay, infrastructure upgrades, IRM, emergency repair and decommissioning.

Through the development of pipeline solutions, Balltec has amassed an extensive fleet of equipment readily available for rapid deployment, including: pipeline A&R, plugging and abandonment equipment, cutting, pigging and dewatering operations, on-deck handling equipment, handling of flexible pipe, riser operations and emergency pipeline repairs.

Click below for more information about some of our flagship products.


The Balltec PipeLOK™ is the world’s most reliable pipeline abandonment and recovery tool. Now in the third-generation of evolution, Balltec is proud to call the PipeLOK™ the most efficient engineered product for the laydown and recovery of pipelines and r ...

Subsea PIG & Plug Launcher

The Balltec Subsea PIG & Plug Launcher is the world’s first diverless and flangeless subsea PIG and plug launcher. The tool enables the dewatering of pipelines from a cut section of pipe. The launch system can work independently or in conjunction with the ...


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