Built On Decades of Industry Experience.

Balltec Lifting Solutions delivers innovative lifting and handling systems for complex engineering projects. Balltec has provided lifting solutions across multiple engineering disciplines and industries.

Balltec lifting solutions are engineered to minimise human intervention in safety critical operations. The systems can be used to eradicate the need for manual handling, working at height and diver intervention.

Most recently, Balltec Lifting Solutions have been used for: single and multi-point lifts, turret and buoy lifting, engineered lifts, suction pile installation, subsea equipment deployment, marine operations and renewable energy construction projects.


Balltec’s LiftLOK™ tools provide a simple, robust, high capacity method for lifting and handling heavy loads. Using the tried and trusted ball and taper gripping mechanism, the LiftLOK™ requires minimum ROV...

Custom Solutions

Balltec Lifting Solutions can provide expertise to assist clients in the planning and execution of complex lifting and handling challenges in difficult environments. Balltec offers a turnkey service including: lifting analysis, conceptual design...

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