In-House Product and 3rd Party Testing

Balltec Testing

Balltec offers 3rd party load testing services for all industries.

The 3,720 m² (40,000 ft²) UK primary workshop houses a number of versatile test rigs to allow proof load testing of any common industry hardwear.

In the workshop there are multiple test rigs and setups suitable for proof load testing. Available test rigs include a 2,000 mT (4,409 kips) vertical rig as well as 1,500 mT (3,037 kips) and 4,000 mT (8,819 kips) horizontal rigs. Balltec has established a track record as a third-party test shop for a wide variety of lifting and mooring equipment, including:

Mooring Connectors H-Links
Shackles Chain Chasers
J-Hooks Kenter Links
Mooring Chains Mooring Swivels

In addition, specialist testing can also be performed including torque break-out testing, bending fatigue testing and destructive testing.

All activity is supervised by highly qualified Balltec technicians and witnessed by 3rd party certification providers, such as ABS, DNV or BV.

All testing is monitored using the latest computer software and graphical data and load spectra available to the client after completion. In addition, Balltec's live video feed enables clients to log-in from any location to watch the testing as and when it happens.

The full scope of Balltec testing facilities includes:

Proof load testing up to 40,000 kN Cyclic fatigue testing Pre-test inspection including Dimensional Analysis Post text inspection inc. NDT
Strain gauge monitoring Test activity graphical representation Completion activities inc. painting, packaging & dispatch Third party inspection as direct requirements

Non Destructive Testing (NDT) and Inspection Services

Balltec work with approved and certified NDT Testing contractors who have highly trained staff and procedures.

In conjunction with our partners, we can provide NDT and Inspection Services which focus on conventional inspection and Non-Destructive Testing coupled with efficient management and cost-effective implementation.

NDT and Inspection services include:

Dye Penetrant Inspection Magnetic Particle Inspection
UT Inspection Eddy current Inspection

To arrange a consultation or for further information, please visit our contact us page or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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