Balltec subsea mooring connector and tensioning system contract for a floating weather monitoring system

Balltec has recently secured and supplied a contract from Streamlined Naval Architects, based in Greece, for the design, manufacture, testing and supply of 4 subsea adjustable mooring connectors and hydraulic tensioners. The connectors and tensioners, which are due to be installed off the Greek island of Makronisos in May of this year, will moor Floatmast’s Floating Met Mast Tension Leg Platform demonstration project for a period of 12 months. This demonstration project, which is subject to a grant from the European Commission (Grant Agreement No. 784040), will provide Floatmast with field data to verify the mast’s capabilities. Each adjustable mooring connector, rated to a minimum break load of 450 metric Tonnes, is designed with a self-activating mechanism to allow rapid deployment and connection of the mooring lines to the Floatmast with no diver intervention. Hydraulic tensioners will be also be installed onto each connector to adjust the mooring lines to the required tension. The operation of the tensioners will be controlled from the surface thus reducing installation time and costs. Also included in Balltec’s scope of supply are 4 H Links to connect each mooring line to the subsea base. Further details of Floatmast and the project are available at

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