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Balltec secures mooring connector contract from SOFEC, Inc.

MoorLOK_subsea_mooring_connector Balltec is pleased to announce the contract award by SOFEC Inc., based in Houston, USA, for the design, manufacture, testing and delivery of twelve of its MoorLOK subsea mooring connectors. The connectors, which will be subject to ABS certification are rated to 922 mT end of life minimum break load with a design life of 16 years and are due to be delivered in September, 2018. The MoorLOK connectors will be used to moor a vessel for approximately 16 years in a water depth greater than 1,000 metres. Each anchor line of the vessel is made up of polyester rope with sections of studless chain at the connections to the vessel and the piles. The MoorLOK connectors when installed will connect the mooring lines to the piles. The MoorLOK is the world’s only patented ball and taper subsea mooring connector with over 300 connectors in service and has the ability to be disconnected at any time during its service life in the event of mooring line maintenance or replacement.

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